Rus Eng
Love. Labour. Homeland
Spring is taking over. Every year, the arrival of spring heralds the triumph that wins over death. It is a time of growth, the beginning of a new cycle.
My parents live in the city. They moved there very young leaving behind their native countryside in search of education, work and their significant other. They accomplished most of what they had set out to do, however, their love and thirst for their land and nature keep drawing them back to the places where they were born. Every spring, they arrive in the father's old house to awaken it after a long winter. The first seed falls into the garden soil, and the growing season begins, with everything springing to life and blooming shortly after.
My parents are inseparable, and they do everything together. When in the country, they are filled with renewed energy and forget about their problems and ailments. They spend their weekends working on their land, becoming one with it. All week long, mama looks forward to Friday, in order to leave the city 200 kilometers behind, and to find herself, once again, in the quiet and cool of a spring evening. The next day will be filled with work.
Summer flies by fast. Spring flowers give way to autumn ones. The garden blesses with a generous harvest. First snow falls and covers land again. Everything goes back to sleep. Until next spring…
When I take photos of my parents, I want to show not just their love for each other, but also their love for work, their land, nature, plants that they grow, and their love for the places to which they are connected with invisible yet unbreakable ties. Looking at them I understand that love and work are things that give our lives the only true meaning. I want to preserve the beloved memories that sustain me wherever I am.