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Svetlana Tarasova, a photographer and a member of the Russian Photo Artists Union, has won multiple awards in Russian and international photo contests: "Younost' Rossii za Mir i Vzaimoponimaniye" (Russian Youth for Peace and Mutual Understanding) - Vladimir, Russia, "Mir Glazami Younykh. Nasledniki Velikoi Pobedy" (World through the Eyes of Youth. Heirs to the Great Victory) - Samara, Russia, "Semeyny Albom" (Family Album), THE BEST OF RUSSIA - Moscow, Russia, "Svetopis" (Photography) - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, "Nadezhda" (Hope) - Kaluga, Russia, "PHODAR" (Bulgaria), “Young photographers of Russia" (Ples, Cheboksary, Puschino, Moscow, Russia), PeterPhotoFest (St. Petersburg, Russia); "The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest", "A. Yefremov Press Photo Contest", "Uglich Photo Parade", "Samarsky Vzglyad" (Samara Outlook), "Faith. Love. Youth", Baltic Biannual Photo Contest" (Kaliningrad, Russia); she participated in the art residence "Double view" in Kaliningrad; she has won scholarship from the Russian government for young photographers and scholarship of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation for talented authors.


participated in many Russian and international photo exhibitions: "Rossiya - Otchy Dom" (Russia - Homeland), "Berega" (Shores), "Perm Biannual Photo Contest", "Biannual Contest of Modern Photography" (St. Petersburg, Russia), "Photo Contest Dedicated to the 320th Anniversary of the Russian Fleet", "Second Photo Symposium of Young Photographers" (Zarechny, Russia). Personal exhibitions: "Moi Mir" (My World) - Kaluga, Russia, 2008, "Vpechatlyeniya" (Impressions) - Orel, Vladimir, Russia, 2013-2014, "Sny o Starom Gorodye"(Dreams about an Old Town) - Kaluga, Russia, 2015, "Romantiki" (Romantics) - Puschino, Russia, 2015, "Strakhi" (Fears) - Kaluga, Russia, 2016, "Po Beregam Reki T'my" (Along the Banks of the T'ma River) - Verona, Italy, "Rodnoye" (Dear) - Serpukhov, Russia, "Vozvrascheniye" (Return) - Puschino, Russia. Her works are included in the collections of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Chuvash State Art Museum in Cheboksary.